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Secret Garden

12" x 12" x " | oil on canvas | $0.00

Status: Available

Current Location: MAINVIEW Gallery

This little Salish girl is from the Flathead Indian Reservation where I have lived for many years. She is one of my early models whom I have painted many times. Years ago I met a woman who rescued and rehabilitated injured and abandoned wild animals and then returned them to their native habitat and I was invited to photograph my model with the fawn. This painting illustrates the pure and open hearts of young innocent spirits in the human and animal species and the potential for harmony, love and appreciation in our co-existence with all of creation. My model in this painting is wearing an authentic Salish beaded buckskin dress handed down to her from her great great grandmother. Painting and capturing the image and the emotion of these kindred spirits in harmony with nature is an infinite and rewarding challenge.



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