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Divine Spirits

30" x 24" x " | oil on linen | $0.00

Status: Sold

Current Location: Private Collection

The Wind River area of Wyoming beholds a wonderful area of fascinating petroglyphs that illustrate my sense of connection and inspiration for the background of this painting. There are few Northwestern Plains rock art that rival the fantastic spirit figures of the Dinwoody tradition. There are various interpretations to the meaning of the images but Native American Elders all agree that the rock art is sacred and that there is a connection between the physical and spiritual realms. My lovely Native model depicts a young Blackfeet girl dressed in an old museum quality beaded buckskin dress from a private collection. The beads were trade items from the Europeans, the shells came from the coastal tribes and the basket from the southwest. The wonderful beaded buckskin dress is from the collection of a dear friend who had been collecting Indian artifacts for over 50 years and was gracious and kind enough to share it with me for this work. The luminous light around the figure represents spiritual energy and guidance from the divine.



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